Friday, October 10, 2008

mail out order

dibujos, bf664 and k239 I still need your info please get it to me
so I can finalize our mail out order

to end the confusion on mail out order if everyone wants to message me
on flickr (michael nightmare) I will make the list and post it on the side bar
I will try to make it so everyone is mailing out to the closest person to them.


esek_one said...

thank you for your initiative..
i know that i should have done this but i am as confused as the other members...

what do you want exactly from us??
i guess real name,home address,country..

all the best,

Michael Nightmare said...

Esek_one it's ok I was confused with my first one I hope you don't mind I just thought I'd be helpful since I've done a few
I just need flickr name and address once I assign you to the person you are mail out to contact them for their information

Anonymous said...

guys by the way, I live in a small city and I having troubles to find and buy a japanese sketchbook (did a trip this weekend to barcelona but couldnt find one either) so I've ordered some trough internet, but it will take a week or so to get here it says, so I might be late with this, hope it aint a problem, this weekend ill go on a search again

BF664 said...

Excuse me Michael, I'm still a bit confused about this. Please repeat what data do I have to give you and tell me where to post it. Thanks.

Michael Nightmare said...

all I need is country, city and postal code send it to my flickr account either click on my name under artist or do a search on flickr for people type in my name