Wednesday, October 15, 2008


OK the moment everyone has been waiting for the list for the mailing order is posted on the right sidebar. Look to see who you are assigned to and contact them for their REAL name and mailing address. I tried to get everyone to mail out to the closest person to you. Some of you may be mailing out somewhere far. If there are any questions please let me know.

I never did hear from dibujos so I assume he is from colombia and is still participating anyone heard from him????

Please try to have yours finished by OCTOBER 31st for the first round mail out and also post pictures up of them as well!!!


BF664 said...

Thanks Michael.

@Cirus: I've sent you an invitation to be amongst my contact and a request for you real name and home address.

@Esek_One: I believe we should try to find out if debujos is still with us or not. Otherwise it's me the person you have to send the moly to, isn't it? Let me know and, if it's the case, mail me for my name and address.

Bye bye! Can't wait to see the exchange going! :)

esek_one said...

Hello there,

i just found dibujos and i got his home address,so i am going to send it to muevelapescueza now!!

have fun..

Anonymous said...

yep BF664 I saw that, gonna reply you now ;)

as I said on the other comment im having troubles getting the japanese moleskine (my fault actually should've looked for it earlier), so I might be late with the deliver (once I get em on the mailbox ill start to draw straight)

Kelley said...

Cirus, I had trouble finding the japanese folding books as well...I ended up getting mine from amazon, it came in about three might want to try that if you still can't locate any near you :)

Anonymous said...

aye I bought some trough amazon but the stimated delivery date is 24 october

thing is I've bought in the shops here lots of watercolor moleskine, normal moleskines, heavy paper moleskine so I supposed it wouldnt be a problem to buy the japanese one but apparently they dont get that model and stuff, well

Michael Nightmare said...

It's not a problem if it takes longer to start or you go over the dead its just there to help keep things moving along not set in stone

Anonymous said...

good to read that ;)