Thursday, January 22, 2009

Collage Town

So I finished this one and i gotta say, it makes me laugh.
Kelly and Ekaterina both had dimensional elements in this moly, Kelly had glued her charecters on top of her painted background and Ekaterina has an interesting dimensional rainbow effect...that im not sure how she got...but its very cool. So after some thinking i figured id do a collage. It took longer than i expected, but im glad i did it.
The image is a mix of found images and drawings i made, all comped together in photoshop, and finally stained with some coffee, for that personal touch

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where are molys are

Hello everyone.
In my other group (moly38) we have on our side bar a list of who has who's moly and the
status of them like working on it or mailed out. I added that to ours because it has been
great to see who has what and where. Please add your name and whos book you have or mailed out or if your waiting for one.
All you have to do is click the little tools icon by it and it will open a window for you to add the info


Here at last is my finished entry in Ekatrina's moleskin, again apologies to you all but family obligations have been slightly overwhelming this season. Was posted to you Esek yesterday.
all the best Jess

Friday, January 16, 2009

Josh's Moly (via Jesse and Bill) is in Italy

Quick note to inform those who are concerned that Josh's Moly is here. I cannot explain how amazing it looks- for those who haven't seen it/worked on it yet, got to have it yourself in your own hands to understand! Great! I'll draw four pages, then, since Kevin is not in the group anymore.



Sunday, January 11, 2009

News from the front

Yesterday I recieved a flickr mail from Kevin,
The goods news is that he recieved my book and it will be traveling to lady orlando soon
and the bad news is that he cant keep with the exchange. Because of work he has to do a bunch of long travels and wont have a permament mail direction.
I think this was quite unexpected cause I had some talks with him before and he was all in for the exchange

So, ill be sending BF664's moly to Lady orlando (lucky I didnt send it yet) in the next days and we should look for a fix, which I think in this moment we rather do a bit more pages or something than put in a new member or whatever, what do you guys think?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Molys to Spain

A short note, just to let Cirus/Jose Antonio know that Jesse and Esek's Molys are flying to Spain. You should get them within four/five days. Please let me know when you got them.