Thursday, October 2, 2008

for the newbies

Hello everyone...I wanted to post a question, that would hopefully benefit all of us new to the moly exchange process. Is there someone in charge of getting us all the names and addresses of the members in the group? Will just one person organize the order in which me mail out our moly's? I've been a little confused by the process...I noticed Marty does all the blogs for each exchange and works as a moderator of sorts, but it seems like we are on our own as a group after that point. If that's the case do we need to pick someone to get information together or have I missed something and someone's already doing that? I just wanted to clarify, because there was a little blip in the original entering, Marty had my name wrong and my emails and announcements weren't getting to me. Something I of course didn't realize until I went to go and post a comment and got an error message. OOPS. Anyway, that's all been fixed now, but I just wanted to make sure I was on the same page with everyone else :)

Okay, that's my little note, which is really a bunch of questions, but you get the picture. Hope everyone is off being creative...I myself am trying to pass the hours at my boring desk job :) Can't wait to start seeing what everyone's been up to.


esek_one said...

Hello Kelley,
i think that each one who wants to start his own book has to set the order of that exchange...
i will post the order of my exchange after introducing me,maybe today..
As for the addresses please send me a mail at in order to collect all of them and then send you back a list..

Have a nice day!!

Kelley said...

Thanks esek_one! I was a little confused on that part :) I'll get an email out to you today with my information.

Anonymous said...

I think the order is what is on the right bar on the blog front page, I mean you should send it to the next one in the list

Anonymous said...

but of course we can do a new list :P

katya said...

I think we need geographical order to reduce the mailing price.

Kelley said...

Yay, Katya, that is an excellent idea. With those of us who are closer together it would definitely keep postage costs down some :)

Jessie said...


I've read all the posts but still a little confused, if I find a japanese moleskin am I due to start on my first pages now ready to post on 31st Oct.

I then post to the next person on the list (waiting to see if it is revised to help with postal costs)

Also I have tried to email my postal details to you esek-one but having no luck using, I will keep trying today. So thanks and apologies for my slow uptake but just want to be sure to get everything sorted before starting.

All the best Jessie

Anonymous said...

yep that is a good idea to make the list so we mail to people close to us geographically (spelling)

anyway im off to see if I can buy a japanese moleskine here :P

another question I have is, how many pages do we do each round?