Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Introducing myself-esek_one

Hello there!!

I am esek_one and i come from Greece.My real name is Bill :)
I live in a small town nearby Athens and i am a political science student.
I have never been in an art class or taken any lessons about how to draw:(

I would really like to improve my technique.For the time i use Faber-Castell and Carioca markers for my sketches,as shown below.

So i am open to suggestions for improvement...

To end with,i am also interested in exchanging my sketches with yours...I would like to collect sketches from all over the world.They don't have to be something special as for the material you gonna use,just simple sketches done with a marker or a pencil on a paper...

Here is the order for my moleskine exchange:
esek_one(Greece) to bf664(Italy)
bf664(Italy) to muevalapescueza(Spain)
muevalapescueza(Spain) to Quinn 68(UK)
Quinn 68(UK) to LarsPoderdry(USA)
LarsPowderdry(USA) to michael nightmare(USA)
michael nightmare(USA) to k239(USA)
k239(USA) to ilovetodoodle(USA)
ilovetodoodle(USA) to dibujos(Colombia)
dibujos(Colombia)to Lady Orlando(Mexico)
and finally from Lady Orlando(Mexico) back to me(Greece)

Have fun!!

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Burger Raff said...

thanks for putting the exchange order together in a post-i was looking through emails and blogs and the flickr page trying to track everything down-iz gonna be good-lookin forward to the xchanging