Saturday, October 4, 2008

clearing up the air

Since there seems to be some confusion and many new people to the exchange process I hope this post will help everyone out I'm not the end all expert just want to help out so it goes smoothly
Everyone starts out in their own Japanese fold moleskine
Everyone does two and a half pages there is an exmple image on group 38
Each round gives the artist a month to work on the entry befor the next mail out
Mailing by who is close geographicaly works best
Group leader to make the mail out list
Who ever you mail to email them for their adress

I hope that helps having it all in one spot again just trying to help out


esek_one said...

Thanks a lot Michael for this post which is very useful!!

the only thing i would like to mention is that as soon as we are ten members there will be only one round.
i think that a Japanese moleskine has 30 pages,so each one has to make 3...

Kelley said...

Thank you Michael and Esek_one, that really is helpful for the new kids here :)

And just a thank you note, to you guys for being so helpful and patient when answering my questions :)

Michael Nightmare said...

Esek thank you for pointing that out. It will be one round so 3 pages would be better. This will be a great one since it will be one round im excited to see all the work

Anonymous said...

all cleared up for :D