Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Me....Michael Nightmare

Hello Everyone,
I go by the name of Michael Nightmare...its my cool artist name haha. I am an art education major which means I teach high school art... specifically photography. I love drawing as well even though its not my strong point in art but I strive everyday to get better and this whole moly exchange is really helping out a lot. I am looking forward to getting artwork from everyone in this group. I love using water color but I am also always trying new mediums.

as far as exchange order usually there is one order that everyone follows other wise some of us may end up with no moly at one point or too many at one point. The best way i've found to set the mail out order is by geographical location and by the first person to finish. The group leader in the end should decided on the order and post it on the side bar.

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Kelley said...

Michael you bring up an excellent point about getting too many molies or not enough at one time...I think organizing one order and by area is definitely the way to go here. Good job :)