Sunday, May 24, 2009

Slow - too slow?

Dear all,

I want to apologise for being so slow lately. I still have Ekaterina's Moly with me and I haven't worked on it yet.

Life's going on crazily these months, and I'm so busy I can't even think properly about the million of things I'm doing. So sorry about that!

I still want to be involved, and I hope that my delay doesn't bother you too much. However, if it is the case and if you want me to leave the xchange, I'll understand. But, pleeeeaaaaase, just keep me in! :D

Bye bye and read you soon,



Anonymous said...

no worries
at least no problem for me, as long as you keep in I dont mind waiting

Michael Nightmare said...

I dont think any of us mind waiting. I am glad you just gave us an update that is where it goes wrong when you get busy and we dont know where you are. We all understand life can get hectic at times but I see no reason why you can't stay in... same thing with jess if you dont want to be sitting on to many books just let the person who sends them to you to skip you for now and mail on to who you send them to that way things keep moving. And those books can always make their way back to you.

Kelley said...

I'm okay with you taking a bit longer too, Bea. I know work and life make it crazy for "fun moly time" but like Michael said, if you need to pass it on to the next in line, to give yourself time for other things, I for one have no issue with mailing my book back out to someone once the rotations are all finished :)

Burger Raff said...

I agree with the group, thanks for the update!