Monday, May 4, 2009

Beatrice Moly

Ok so here is a better image of Beatrice moly. It includes the full overview and then what I added to it.
and to encourage a little more interaction with each others artwork I have hidden some a group of bandit monsters within the book.


Anonymous said...



BF664 said...

So beautiful!!

Burger Raff said...

Very cool Mr Nightmare-I love the amount of room for interactivity youve left, while putting your stamp on it and setting a tone and environment. Also, Im a big fan of the hidden monsters idea... in some ways that lends to a bigger idea of a sketchbook exchange. Where people do random drawings and then others add to and work around them

Michael Nightmare said...

I am glad you like that idea I think it really does add to the whole exchange it just seems like to me that everyone should interact together. Hopefully everyone else agrees....I have run into some other groups that didnt care for it.