Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I have just been contacted by Josh through flickre, I wanted to apologise for being so slow, I am in the midst of a difficult separation plus started a new not a lot of time. I am happy to carry on and will do my best to speed things up but I said to Josh that if any or all of you feel I am slowing things up too much I will not be offended if you would rather I drop out of this exchange. In the mean time I hope to finish katarinas moly this weekend and have it posted mon/tues......also complete ditz, I've lost your address again esek, so will need you to send it again!

So all the Best to everyone



Michael Nightmare said...

Hey Jess thanks for updating us. I hope it all works out for you. Let's keep you in the rotation and if you feel that you can't complete a book at anytime you can always mail it on and it can come back to you. Also if you feel you are getting to many let the person know who is mailing them to you to mail them to the person you would normally mail them to and they can always work their way back to you.

Kelley said...

Jess, sorry to hear you are going through tough times. Hoping things go better for you, very VERY soon.

Burger Raff said...

I definitely agree that you should stay on. Life certainly takes priority. Im sorry that things have been rough for you. Also, as Michael Nightmare says, if you feel swamped, let me know and Ill send it on to someone else and we'll get you a Moly when youre ready.

BF664 said...

Jess, I really hope everything goes better soon. I think that you should stay in the exchange.