Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Moly, ready to fly to Spain...

Hi, everyone!

Here it is my entry in my own Moly (sorry for the bad quality of the scanned image). I know it's very simple, but I like very simple but colourful things. The title of this drawing is: "It's time to connect our monstrous bits". Just imagine the spooky inhabitants of all our brains, hands, ears, eyes,...all trying to assemble, all struggling to reach for each other, all moving and transforming...and then again separating and going for other bits somewhere else! :)

Hope you like it.

Anyway, I'm going to give it a final hand of colour and then I'm sending it to Cirus on next Monday (post offices are closed this weekend here).




esek_one said...

i really like your colorful monsters!!
nice entry!!

Anonymous said...

hi guys, sorry for not writting this week, actually I moved to a new house, but we can keep the same direction for the exchange since my partens live there and its about 1 hour away by car =D

but with the change ofc I was busy for a while but I have the japanese sketchbook now in my hands and im gonna start drawing monsters ;D, to mail it asap

cya guys, btw awesome entry I wanna have it on my hands already ;DD;D

Anonymous said...

btw I like this idea ill try to keep it up with it and as you said it looks interesting that the monstercould be changing and morphing along the pages, that is really a nice concept to work with =D

BF664 said...

Thanks for your comments, Esek_one and Cirus. The Moly's already on its way to Spain. I long to see your entries!