Sunday, November 30, 2008

My entry in Josh's moleskin!

Sorry it has taken me a while, it's a little more nerve wracking adding to someone Else's moleskin but I got there in the end. Here are my monsters, a kind of mummy monster leading her offspring to whatever may be going on through the following pages?
Very grey days mean it's difficult to get a nice picture so I took a few!

I am also unsure as to whom I am sending Josh's moleskin to now, if anyone knows can you send me details, thank you very much.


esek_one said...

nice work!!
you have to send it to me now..
so i have to think what it could be next to them,let's see....

Burger Raff said...

oh look out

your colors are fantasic, as are yer progression of characters.

very nice, youve left it good and open for esek one

Burger Raff said...

Oh yea, also, Im sending Ekaterina's along to you today