Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lady Orlando's Moly arrived safe and sound...

Just an update... I received Lady Orlando's moly in the mail on Friday from Mr. Nightmare (by the way - coolest last name ever!) and was so surprised at the artwork in front of me. Seeing these molies online and looking at the screen does absolutely nothing for the subtlety when holding them in your hands.

Yoda, I don't know how you did it...but those hatch marks on the ghosts are just beautiful. I am both mesmerized and completely jealous....I've no idea how to shade ghosts, lol.

And Michael...oh my goodness, I am stumped on how to incorporate those smooth feathery-like lines into my portion of the artwork. They are just gorgeous up close, I am torn on whether to use them in my piece or find a way to transition away from them....hmmmmm...too many decisions. Hee hee.


Michael Nightmare said...

I was just wondering if it made it to you. I didn't want to tell you I mailed it so it would surprise you when it showed up!
I agree Yoda's ghost are amazing and the computer screen does not do them justice!!!
I say go for it and try to incorporate them into your piece. I highly encourage interaction within the work I do. Personally I Love when everyone starts out working on top of the end piece to start theirs.

Kelley said... was a total surprise! And thank you for the present too :) I was so happy to get it that I sat down and started drawing immediatley. Katya is gonna hate me because I go so fast, lol. I should have Yoda's book finished in a few days :)

Lady Orlando said...

I'm so glad to know you have it now.

I'm pretty sure you're going to make a beautiful work ^^