Friday, November 7, 2008

Bill's Moly's in Italy

Just a short note to inform that Esek_one's Moly is here in Italy! Great! Bill's entry is absolutely amazing (even more than it seemed in picture) and very original. I'm starting to plan my drawing to be made next to his on the Moly.

Any news from the other members of the group?



esek_one said...

i am really happy!!
that was fast!!
i am waiting for your entry :)

i haven't got Jessica's moleskine yet,hope it is fine and safe!!

have fun esek_one aka Bill:)

Kelley said...

saw your question in regards to the rest of the members in the group...I sent my moly off to Ekaterina and she's had it for I think a little over a week :)
Still waiting to get something in the mail to work on, but I sent Michael my address a while just waiting at the moment for something to work on :)

Michael Nightmare said...

Kelley you should be getting it very shortly. I have lady orlando's moly so i am hoping to work on it this weekend.

Kelley said...

oh great, can't wait to add to your moly, Michael.

Burger Raff said...

hello hhello
i got ekaterina's moleskine a couple days ago...and i sent mine out yesterday

katya said...

Hi everyone! I have Kelley's moly. But I also have couple of moleskines from other exchanges. So I am working on three moleskines this month. Let’s decide about new deadline in November.