Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hi, everyone!

I have received Michael’s moly from Kelley today. Now I have two molys for this exchange. It makes me a little bit nerves. I still have only line drawing in Kelley’s moly.

And I have a question: this exchange will work only if we have full circle. Did anybody contact Kevin from Colombia? Is he still with us? Hi did not post anything here.


Anonymous said...

I contacted him trought flickr, but didnt get any answer. Esek told me he dosnt use internet much but that he was still in.

Im gonna send him my moleskine tomorrow trough mail, and we'll find out

Kelley said...

Just be careful my other exchange we had to skip someone in the rotation because they never responded.

I hate to suggest it, but if he hasn't made contact in the two months we've been on here, and he doesn't respond to flickr, do you really want to send your sketchbook off to someone you can't get a hold of? What does everyone else think? Am I just being a worry wort?

Anonymous said...

Yeh guess you are right. Lets give it one more week then?
Ill contact him again trough email also

I was a bit worried with my moleskine getting delayed too much but I guess is better to send it later than send it to a dead end

Michael Nightmare said...

I agree with kelly. The best thing to do would be to send it to the next person closest too you. Everyone can just start to do a little more to fill in for the missing person so they still get done with one rotation through.

Anonymous said...

I can send it to lady orlando, which is the next one after Kevin and then if we get a repply from him then she could send it to Kevin? that might be a good idea to save some time

I also have the moly from BF664 and I should be sending it soon aswell

Burger Raff said...

that seems like a good solution, it keeps it moving and still gives him a chance. I have Katya's moleskine ready to send, Tau, i dont want to overload you, do you want me to send it along, wait, or send to someone else to give you some time? No need to rush, just wondering.