Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where are molys are

Hello everyone.
In my other group (moly38) we have on our side bar a list of who has who's moly and the
status of them like working on it or mailed out. I added that to ours because it has been
great to see who has what and where. Please add your name and whos book you have or mailed out or if your waiting for one.
All you have to do is click the little tools icon by it and it will open a window for you to add the info


Kelley said...

Great idea Michael, thanks for adding it to our group...I may have to suggest it in a couple of my other groups, LOL.

Anonymous said...

good idea! =)
I have Jesse's and Esek's Molys right now, they arrived this friday.
Kevin has my book and will be sending it to lady_orlando anytime soon,
and BF664's book is on the way to Lady_Orlando