Sunday, January 11, 2009

News from the front

Yesterday I recieved a flickr mail from Kevin,
The goods news is that he recieved my book and it will be traveling to lady orlando soon
and the bad news is that he cant keep with the exchange. Because of work he has to do a bunch of long travels and wont have a permament mail direction.
I think this was quite unexpected cause I had some talks with him before and he was all in for the exchange

So, ill be sending BF664's moly to Lady orlando (lucky I didnt send it yet) in the next days and we should look for a fix, which I think in this moment we rather do a bit more pages or something than put in a new member or whatever, what do you guys think?


BF664 said...

Sorry for Kevin! Anyway, I think that drawing more pages is better than taking somebody else in at this point! I wait for your opinion.


Anonymous said...

yep I think its better at this point,

I wanted to add I think people has been demotivating (spelling) a bit on this group cause of the slowing stuff
remember that besides the comunication problems we've gone trough christmas aswell where many people (like me) was with extra work or vacations
so cheer up we have a lot of potential, good ideas, and awesome books on the way!

Btw I hope to recieve you books Beatrice this week, hopefully =)

Kelley said...

Awww, well I hate to lose people, but at least we know what's going on now. I agree, we should all just add a little extra work to each entry rather than take on an extra person at this point. Glad to know that the rotation will pick back up shortly!!

Michael Nightmare said...

sounds like a good plan. That will keep things moving and I can then expect to get something soon from this group as Ladyorlando mails to me.

Anonymous said...

yeah, Beatrices moly will be sent to lady orlando tomorrow, and once I recieve the 2 that are about to reach spain from her ill work on em asap and send em,
ill wait about 1 week between the sending of each book so you guys might wanna space the time a bit more if you are busy :)

Anonymous said...

btw BF664's moly is on the way to mexico already