Friday, January 16, 2009

Josh's Moly (via Jesse and Bill) is in Italy

Quick note to inform those who are concerned that Josh's Moly is here. I cannot explain how amazing it looks- for those who haven't seen it/worked on it yet, got to have it yourself in your own hands to understand! Great! I'll draw four pages, then, since Kevin is not in the group anymore.




BF664 said...

One more thing (for Jose Antonio): got the Molys I sent? I hope so!

Anonymous said...

yes, I recieved em today, well my mother did :P, Im keeping my parents direction for the exchange since the mailbox here at my house is broken and I dont wanna risk

but yes they arrived im gonna grab them tomorrow from my parents house
I wanna see them and start working asap =)

Burger Raff said...

by the way, thanks for letting me know where the molys at, glad its looking good!