Thursday, January 22, 2009

Collage Town

So I finished this one and i gotta say, it makes me laugh.
Kelly and Ekaterina both had dimensional elements in this moly, Kelly had glued her charecters on top of her painted background and Ekaterina has an interesting dimensional rainbow effect...that im not sure how she got...but its very cool. So after some thinking i figured id do a collage. It took longer than i expected, but im glad i did it.
The image is a mix of found images and drawings i made, all comped together in photoshop, and finally stained with some coffee, for that personal touch


Kelley said...

ha ha...that's funny. So I guess my brain fart that caused me to make a "patch" of sorts turned out to be a good thing. What was a huge boo boo turned into a sub-theme for my moly. Which is totally fine by me, I'm loving the beautiful entries so far. Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

my gosh
that is fucking awesome =D

Anonymous said...

btw this weekend ill try to do entrys on the books I have so I can start sending them to Lady orlando as soon as possible