Monday, June 1, 2009

Fishes, fishers, puddings, monsters

Hey guys, here is my entry on Josh's moly, hope you like it

:), its on the way to Lady Orlando now


Kelley said...

Oh my god!! I love your little brown sea monster popping up out of the water, that is too funny!

And the little ones fishing and trying to give that huge fish a piece of bread! LOL, love it!!

Great job, Jose, as always :P

Michael Nightmare said...

This is a great group and it's entries like this that keep me excited for our little monster group!
Great job and creative.

Kelley said...

Michael, I couldn't agree with you more! This group is freaking awesome!!

I have been in so many groups, with less people and they never run this smoothly.

I wonder....once our books are full, would anyone else be interested in getting new books and maybe starting a different topic?

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt mind, we have a great mini comunity here so ;)

Michael Nightmare said...

I would love to continue with everyone as well.

Burger Raff said...


pudding man! Doing it big! Great entry all around-somehow my favorite is the fishing rabbit-he's my dude!
And yeah, this group fires on all cylinders, whats next, group-wise?
A lil while back, when I saw Michael Nightmares entry where he hid some charecters, I was thinking that a cool idea could be to have an exchange where everyone agreed to work on, but not fill, a certain amount of random pages in a book. This could encourage interactivity and spontaneous combustion.
Might take a lil longer to be seen as a whole, but Id like to see the results of that.

Michael Nightmare said...

I think a book of doing random pages would be awesome and I think this would be a great group to do so!