Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ekaterina's Moly's ready.

Hi, there!

I've finished my entry in Ekaterina's Moly - sorry it took me so long, but I'm crazily busy! :(

I cannot scan the pic nor publish it. Apologize!

I'm sending the Moly to Jose Antonio next week [as always, JA, let me know when you get it pls!].



PS What about Esek_one? Bill, where are you? :)


esek_one said...

I am here and i am waiting for a moly :)

Anonymous said...

sure ill let you know as soon as I get it :)

I think the only moly "missin" is mine :P, ill probably start another one and send it to lady orlando

BF664 said...

Hi, guys!

@ Bill: Nice to know you're "here"!Sorry for asking - I hadn't read from u for a long time, so I was just wondering! Hope my question didn't bother you! :)

@ JoseAntonio: I sent the Moly this morning. I didn't know yours was missing. That's a pity. How comes it got lost?

Anonymous said...

well its not sure that it is missing, Kevin told me he would mail it to lady orlando before leaving to argentina, butttt, we havent heard of it anymore

Anonymous said...

Bea I recieved your book, its at my parents house

once I get it ill upload some pics :)

Kelley said...

Michael, I just wanted to give you a heads up that I'm going to send you a flickr mail with my new address for the next time you mail to me :)

Michael Nightmare said...

Sounds good Kelly I am working on one now so I should have it out to you shortly.

esek_one said...

I got Kelley's moly in the mail today..
beside the nice artwork done inside i also liked the sign in pages..