Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year, everyone!

I just wanted to write a post to say Happy New Year to everyone. Wherever you are celebrating, I wish you all good times and fun parties with family and friends. Stay safe and make sure to avoid all the wack-o's out there.... well unless you are one of the wack-o's then I don't know what to tell you :P

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for a great moly experience...this is the first exchange I joined and so far the most reliable. I am in a total of four at this point and getting frustrated with a few of the others. People just seem to be dropping like flies and the rest of us get left wondering what the devil is going on. So thank you to everyone for posting regularly and creating such a fun experience for a newbie :)

Because the other exchanges have made me paranoid I just wanted to dibujos! aka Kevin still with us? I don't remember seeing a post from him and was just curious if anyone knew his status. Seeing as there are so many of us in this exchange, I'm sure it's easy to get lost sometimes....Just thought I'd ask.

Hope everyone has fun tonight! Stay safe and Happy 2009 to all of you!! Woo hoo!!


Michael Nightmare said...

I agree this has been a great group so far! I am also in a couple groups that are not so active and it gets frustrating at times.

Also I hope everyone has a safe and fun new year!

Anonymous said...

yeahhh happy new year everybody
indeed this group goes pretty cool
sometimes slow (blame myself for that also) but always forward!

Kelley said...

Not to be a "Nervous Nancy" but has anyone heard from dibujos aka Kevin? I was just curious if molies are going to and coming from him or if we've hit a little snag?

Like I said, in my post...some of my other groups have made me paranoid about lost books...I just wanted to double check with everyone :)

Michael Nightmare said...

I agree with what your saying. it seems this group started off great and we've slowed down. It's always nice to hear from everyone about what is happening within the exchange, where books are, progress and when your mailing out.

It seems to be happening with groups as of late.

Jessie said...

Hi everyone,

Apologies for my lateness this time round, I have three young children so christmas is always a little crazy, added to that we were hit by flu this year, but my entry in Ekatrina's book is nearly finished and will be on it's way to Esek in a few days!!

All the Best


esek_one said...

happy new year everyone!!

i think that Cirus was the one who heard last from Kevin...
we are going very good so far,but Cirus is going to have two molies now and after him Kevin two or three,so i believe that it would be better one of these molies to go after cirus to Lady Orlando...
not mine because i have started this group and i have to take the risk :)

Jessie you don't have to apologize take your time...