Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bf66's Entry in Bill/EsekOne' s Moly

Me again!

Today I finished my entry in Bill's Moly, so I'm posting it as well.

I decided to keep some elements from Bill, 'copying' them but using them differently: the idea of the insect eaters; the little butterflies and the flowers, drawn 'in Bill's style'; the little green 'swarming' points.

So you have a nice couple of bean monsters enjoying a picnic out on a sunny day. One of the monsters is trying to catch butterflies for the breakfast; the other is making a butterfly-butter&bread snack. In the meanwhile, a little monster kid's inspecting a worm with a magnifying glass.

I used fibre pens, pencils and 'pencil dust' (I don't know how to say it English: when you sharpen a pencil and use the sharpened bits of colour to draw a dusty background - tell me the name of this if you know, please).

I'm posting Bill's entry on his Moly as a 'reminder', and my entry!

Bill, tell me if you like it! I hope it!


To Bill: I'm afraid you forgot to put your adress on the fist page of you own Moly, under the indication 'in case of loss...' (a very important piece of info, I think). Would you mind if I do it for you? I have your complete address on the envelopes and I can manage Greek letters. If you allow me to do it, I'll do it.

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esek_one said...

I love it!!!
Your idea is really nice...(upload it on flickr,i want to make it a favorite:D)

as for the address,it is needed?i think that neither Josh's moly had a home address written on it...
but Jessie's had write it :p

please remember to write your name/nickname and the date on your entry as i have done...