Saturday, December 20, 2008

Entry in Jessica's Moly

Dear all,

I've completed my entry in Jessica's Moly (which also features Esek's drawing), but I'm not able to post any picture of it. My scanner doesn't work anymore (I'm getting mad at it and I think I'll smash the damn thing up soon!), so I just can't send you any preview of how the Moly looks so far.

Anyway, I'll try to describe the entry. Given the fact that it's almost Xmas and all this enjoyable atmosphere's around, I got carried away by it. So I have drawn a spooky Father Xmas bringing his sack with presents. The sack is ripped and some presents have fallen and they're quequeing behind Santa Claus: a yellow bean monster, two haunted gift boxes hitting each other with candy sticks, a lollypop licking a puppet boy on the face and more other cute/spooky characters.

I've tried to keep two elements from Jessica and Esek's entries: the horizontal quequeing of the characters (Jesse and Esek) and the purple carpet (Esek). If you take a look at the pictures of they're entries you'll see what I mean.

That's all. Happy vacations to all of you!


PS Of course, J's Moly'll be sent very soon to Cirus.


BF664 said...

Ehm...of course the last line of my message reads 'they're entries', but I'm well aware I should have written 'their entries'. Sorry! ;p

esek_one said...

Hope that Cirus will be able to upload the whole work after he has finished with his entry..
i thought that the carpet was red :p

what about my moleskine??

BF664 said...

Hi, Esek!

I'm not finished with your Moly yet - don't get angry with me! :) The thing is that I'm working a lot lately and I don't have much time to do all the things I wish I could do. I did Jesse's Moly first for I got an idea for it and decided not to make it fade away from my mind. I swear I'll finish your Moly during 'holidays'. Forgive me! :)

esek_one said...

no problem..
take your time...
i was just curious :)