Thursday, August 26, 2010


Quinn's book is finished! I had forgotten that I was the last to work on this-and then it kind of blew me away! We came all the way around, and for me, its the first time Ive seen a book completed. Its been a while since we started, its funny to think of where I lived, what I was doing when we began. Time to go home, for this sketchbook!


Michael Nightmare said...

Yay! Our first finished book... kelley I still have yours and will be getting to it just had some others to finish up but your next in line.... anyone else done or worked on some?

Kelley said...

Oh my gosh, Quinn - I'll bet you can't wait to get this back! What a fabulous turn out!

Michael, speed it up already, I'm like a kid at Christmas here! Just kidding, but like Josh mentioned this will be my first group to finish up as exciting!