Friday, September 3, 2010

Anyone who can contact Quinn 68?

I'm really sorry if this might sound rude, but I thik there's something to be sorted out here.

I last heard from Quinn 68 last April on Flickrmail. Then she assured she would have sent the 2 Molys she had to Esek (apparently the chain is stuck there, with Quinn), whose address she had lost and I gave her again. She also wrote she meant to leave the project.

Esek got no molys since then (mine is amongst them as well). So I tried to contact Quinn again a month ago, but got no answer.

So, Quinn 68 - if you still there, could you please contact us and give us news? Thanks. I do hope everything is fine with you, and that you're still willing to collaborate in the exchange in some way or the other.

Plus - if anyone has any other way to contact Quinn, would you do that? I'm afraid all Molys will get stuck otherwise.

Thank you everyone. And again sorry if this sounds unpolite - I do not mean to be 'rude', but just to understand where are we getting at with this exchange.



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