Sunday, February 8, 2009

Moly are moving :D

I've been busy lately and had only will and time to do sketches for my own, ill confess I've been also bit lazy with the exchange, couldnt find a time to do it properly and relaxed, also I had two molys together to do and not many ideas, but, finally I came out of the lazyness and did my entrys :D
I think it went pretty good, im happy with the looks of the books, I did 4+ pages on both and left some goodies around, you'll find when the books get to you, you are encouraged like always to mess with my drawings, add stuff on top or anything you like

Jesse's MolyI did a bit more happy/child entry on Jesse's moly, I thought I would continue with the carpet thingy esek and beatrice did, and tho it dosnt show on the scan I did a bit more on the fifth page, a couple of little animals

Esek's Moly
On Esek's moly I did bit more agressive/adult entry, but I think it has a lot of humour aswell, I wanted to do a sucubi thingy eating beatrice's style monsters and also the monsters arming and reagrouping around to fight back, on the 4rth page I sketches a bit of something lady orlando can use to keep with the background or just discard, its kind of a mushroom forest

This is how the books look now more or less:
this weekend I sent Esek's moly to Lady orlando, next week ill send Jesse's moly so the molys get separated again so everybody can do the entries with a bit more of time

Hope you like my entrys, cheers for all


esek_one said...

A M A Z I N G !!!!!!

Michael Nightmare said...

Those are so great.

Kelley said...

I love the way you've managed to turn the carpet into the bedspread...and the creatures under the bed are great, love the use of the flashlight as a way to create a more interesting composition.

Your other entry is way too clever..the "monster" is wicked looking while you've kept the adoreable little monsters in it for the humor value.

Great job on both!!

Anonymous said...

thanks guys
im really glad you like the entrys ;D
now I gotta save ideas for the next moly that gets to me :P

im looking forward also for when all the molys are full, I think the final result all together is gonna be really nice

Anonymous said...

hey guys,

this week I sent esek's moly to Lady_orlando, so I have no moly atm.

Im a bit afraid that because of kevin's issue, xmas and other issues, I've send the molys too close to each other in time to lady orlando, hope she dosnt get overloaded with work, also Im a bit afraid about the mail system havent got any notice of any moly arriving mexico, but I gotta check the code trough the web

anyway, hope fears will vanish soon :)

Lady Orlando said...

I have only Beatrice's moly right now. I got it some weeks ago. I'm sorry I didn't say anything, hehe.

Anonymous said...

its ok Yoda ;), I just sometimes dont trust the spanish mail system,
now that I read that everything is ok, (a excepcion del monton de trabajo que te he enviado xD)

Lady Orlando said...

Yes, everything is ok... hasta que reciba TODOS los otros que me mandaste XD