Monday, February 2, 2009

Ekaterina's moly ready to set off for Italy

I have just finished my entry...

Here is the story so far:

p.s: Beatrice could you please send me your home address..sorry but i lost it :(

have fun,


BF664 said...

I just love your drawings!

I already sent you a flickrmail with my home address.


esek_one said...

thank you :)

check your flickrmails...

Anonymous said...

Hey guys :D,

Just wanted to say a couple things:

a) Awesome! this book is looking really cool

b) I'll send the two books I have to lady orlando this weekend, once I finish the entrys ill upload some pics
hope she dont gets overload with work tho

Anonymous said...

oh btw this is Cirus/Muevelapescueza I changed the name so Flickr / Blog and my web display the same name

Kelley said...

LOL - good thinking with the name change! I've confused myself sometime with how many different usernames I have :)