Thursday, July 8, 2010

Are u still there?


Are you still there? I miss my Moly...and I miss drawing for you! :)

Pls send us news!



Kelley said...

Hi B!

I'm still here too but same as you, I haven't had a book in a while...maybe we're all caught up?

I know Michael has mine and that's its last stop before coming home.

Anybody else??

esek_one said...

still here but no molies for a long time now...

Burger Raff said...

Im here, after a long pause. Im also guilty of sitting on books. I resolve to rectify. GONNA GET BACK ON TRACK-and bring it on home!

esek_one said...

@Bea: when you get some time please contact Jessica because i haven't got any molies since April when i gave you my address..