Friday, March 12, 2010

Who's got What?

Dear all,

I thought about sending this quick enquiry post: who's got what? Since things are getting a bit slow lately, it could perhaps be good to virtually gather up and let each other know about the Moly/Molys we have.

I'll start: I've no Moly at the moment, having sent Kelly's one to FX (Jose); and I haven't any news about my own moly.

Hope to read you soon!

Best to all of you,



Kelley said...

Hi *B*

I have no books at the moment. In fact, I think the last one I had was Esek's...which is now with Katya.

I was looking through our mail order and as far as I can tell that may have been my last entry for the group unless Jose (F1x+2) replaced his book that was lost early on in our exchange. :(

Anonymous said...

I didnt replace my book
me and michael talked about that, and I said I would send a new book to michael

but I havent found time to do that,
maybe this weekend I can find a timeframe

also yes I have the moly that Bea sent me, cant recall which one is :p

Burger Raff said...

I have esek one's

Kelley said...

Oops, my mistake! Thanks for clearing that up, Josh. That means the last book I had was yours :) what a doofus, clearly I need help with my memory! Ha ha.

esek_one said...

i have no books..

McFly said...

I think mine has been lost intransit from mexico to me :( sorry to all that great artwork disappear.

Kelley said...

not to sound dumb...but who are you McFly, LOL :)

Michael Nightmare said...

Not dumb at all mcfly is me michael nightmare I didn't realize I was signed into the wrong gmail account

Kelley said...

LOL!! okay, good to know McFly :)

I thought I was losing it. I was sitting her scratching my head going, "where did this person come from?"