Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Happy New Year everyone!!!

Just thought I would check in and see how we are all doing. Our group was running so smoothly but it seems we have more or less come to a stand still. Who has books? Do we all want to keep going and finish it up?

Also havn't seen my book for a while? Lady Orlando if your still around do you have it????


esek_one said...

i don't have any molys from moly-x-46..
but let's keep it going!

Kelley said...

I mailed Josh's moly to Katya earlier this week. I knew she had another moly and didn't want to overload her so I held on to it until after the holidays.

Other than that, I don't have any molies and am very eager to keep this thing going.

katya said...

I am working in Jessica-Quinn's moly. I hope we will finish this project and everybody will get beautiful moleskines.

Anonymous said...

late repply, I dont have any moly, havent got any for ages


Burger Raff said...

Hello all

I have ESEK's moly via Katya and Im slow starting due to heavy workload and deadlines a plenty. But by no means should we stop. Ill keep at it.

MAybe we should restructure though. Quinn has a tendency towards slowness, Yoda is gone, is there a way to restructure the mailing order to get F1x+2 a Moly? Not to exclude people, just to move the order so people have things to work on, as weve been doing over in the exquisite corpse exchange

BF664 said...

I'm working on the Moly to be sent to F1X+2, but I'm sorry I got it very late so actually I haven't been having it for long now. I'll speed up, anyway. My personal opinion is that, since we're almost done with the exchange, changing the order would just complicate things. Best to all!

BF664 said...

Dear F1X+2, the moly is ready. Where am I sending it to? The usual address? Please let me know! Bye :)

Kelley said...

BF664, did you ever get Jose's address? If you need it I can email it to you as I am in another exchange with him :) BTW, whose moly do you have/or did you already mail it??

I haven't seen much movement as of late so wanted to see what everyone was up to...still no molies over here :(

BF664 said...

Hi Kelly,

Yes I sent the Moly to Jose and he has informed me the Moly is there, safe and sound. :)

It was your moly, anyway.

I haven't any other moly with me, and I'd like to know when I am supposed to receive one and also who has mine.

Best to you + everyone else.


BF664 said...
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