Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's start a new exchange

Back in November 2008 i had started a project named ''the cahier project'' based on the idea of art exchange. Unfortunately the project got dead due to the loss of my cahier moleskine.Today i am about to begin something like ''the cahier project volume 2'' taking the risk for second time.If anyone from here would like to join this project please send me a flickr mail or an email at esek_one@hotmail.com or just reply here.
We are going to use a cahier moleskine,i encourage you to start your own,where each artist will leave his own mark.The subject of the entry it could be some sketches,doodles,words,a favorite song or poem,your name or the date you got it,it could be everything.I don't care if this will be named ''the cahier project volume 2''.if there is any response from you i may contact Marty Harris from moly_x in order to make this exchange a part of moly_x.

Take care,


Michael Nightmare said...

I am still interested.

Burger Raff said...

hey yeah, im in on this one as well. Is the Caheir specifically the smaller sketchbook?

esek_one said...

thank you Michael and Josh,i will contact you via flickrmail as soon as i have more people involved in this new exchange..

as for the cahier moleskine is
13x21 cm(5,1x8,3in)but we can use another sketchbook as well..