Monday, August 24, 2009

book update

Just got Josh's book from Yoda. And it is an amazing book!!!


Burger Raff said...

thats pretty cool, I didnt even realize she had it! Did she make an entry or was this one of the times it was passed along?

Anyway, good to know its alive and well

Kelley said...

Just to add another update to the list here...I mailed Eseks book to Ekaterina about a week or so ago, sorry guys - I dropped the ball, I'd thought I'd mailed it before moving to avoid delays and I just found it while unpacking my art supplies...BIG OOPS!!!

and I do have Quinn's book in my hands and it's been started...just running a little slow this round.

My apologies, I'm lagging, but rounding third, heehee!

Michael Nightmare said...

Yoda did make an entry in it. It is the where the wild things are drawing if you saw it on the flickr group

Anonymous said...

hehe slowly but I think we'll finish this :D

I wanted to do a new book since mine got lost and send it to Michael, lets see if this weekend I can work on it

Burger Raff said...

I talked to Quinn recently, shes doing good, just got done with a move.

She says:
"Send Beas moly and I will get them all done ( I will leave Yodas to last and get the other two on their way as soon as I can)"

The other two being Michael Nightmare's and Bea's.