Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Epic in Scope

Hey Hello Monster Moleskine Crew

Bea's moleskine here, lot of fun, playful energy abounding.  I tried my best to curtail my more horrendus monsters, Beatrice, I hope you like them.  
Ive left lots of room, this moleskines been great for its interactivity and the oppurtunities still available for it.  And I hope nobody minds, but part of how i worked this time was adding color in various spots.

Heres the whole thing, the book in total...I think theres 2(?) more people and then its back to Italy!!

Heres the majority of my contribution

And some details


Anonymous said...

It looks epic indeed

The color you added to my part... LOVE IT =D

BF664 said...

Dear! Tnx for you beautiful entry! This books looks amazing, and I'm so in love with it!! I wish to have it very soon in my hands- when all of you will have added your precious artwork to my pages! :) Tnx again!

Burger Raff said...

Hey F1x+2, thats great to hear! It was like working in a coloring book
and Bea, Im really glad you like it!

Michael Nightmare said...

Great entry love all the color you have added to it!