Thursday, April 30, 2009

Michael Nightmares book ready to leave me forever

Its always a little sad to see them go.  Ive been playing with this one, in a stop and start way, for 3 months, give or take.  But its time to go now.  I hope you enjoy it, I had fun working on it.

Here we have the Frankenstein version, I took photos from the blog and pasted them together to give the full view up to this point:
And then heres a crop with what Ive been up to:


Kelley said...

Holy Crap!! This is a monster feast for the eyes!! There is so much to look at, I just can't stop!!

Wonderful Josh, really great, I'm sure Michael is gonna love it!!

Michael Nightmare said...

Wow that is so amazing!!! I love it. Great job and thanks! I am looking forward to having this back in my hands and seeing what comes next.

katya said...

WOW! This book became my favorite in this Monster group. I am jealous :)