Monday, September 6, 2010

Knock, knock!

Hello artists,

I thought I should introduce myself. Some of you may know me and others may not.

I'm Zaza, a.k.a. szaza or Samantha— but not Sam! I'll be your friendly neighbourhood Exchange Moderator. What does this mean? From time to time I will be performing a pulse check to see how your progress is going. Do you need some encouragement? Do hoarders need hounding? I will also pull the plug if you feel your exchange needs to go gently into that good night. If you have issues that need resolving, I am here to help in any way I can— please don't hesitate to ask.

I noticed there are some books with Quinn, and that she seems to have disappeared... does anyone have her contact information so I can send her an email? This fabulous exchange seems to have come to a grinding halt— do you all want to keep it going, or is it time to get books home to their owners?

There are two things we need to know before anything can continue— ok maybe three:
  1. Who has whose Mollies?
  2. Do you want in, or out? There is no shame in admitting you have a life and want to live it.
  3. How do we contact Quinn?
Please respond to my post in the comments, and let's get this sorted out as soon as we can, ok?
My best,

Friday, September 3, 2010

Anyone who can contact Quinn 68?

I'm really sorry if this might sound rude, but I thik there's something to be sorted out here.

I last heard from Quinn 68 last April on Flickrmail. Then she assured she would have sent the 2 Molys she had to Esek (apparently the chain is stuck there, with Quinn), whose address she had lost and I gave her again. She also wrote she meant to leave the project.

Esek got no molys since then (mine is amongst them as well). So I tried to contact Quinn again a month ago, but got no answer.

So, Quinn 68 - if you still there, could you please contact us and give us news? Thanks. I do hope everything is fine with you, and that you're still willing to collaborate in the exchange in some way or the other.

Plus - if anyone has any other way to contact Quinn, would you do that? I'm afraid all Molys will get stuck otherwise.

Thank you everyone. And again sorry if this sounds unpolite - I do not mean to be 'rude', but just to understand where are we getting at with this exchange.